sexta-feira, setembro 07, 2007

Porque hoje é sexta-feira

"We are men. Throughout history we have always needed in times of difficulty to retreat to our caves. It so happens in this modern age that our caves are fully plumbed. The toilet for us is the last bastion , the final refuge, the last few square feet of man space left to us. Somewhere to seat, something to read, something to do and who gives a damn about the smell. Because that for us is happiness. Because we are men. We are different. We have only one word for soap. We do not own candles. We have never seen anything of any value in a craft shop. We don’t have any magazines full of photographs of celebrities with all their clothes… on. When we have conversations we actually take it in turns to talk. We don’t know how to get excited about really, really boring things like… ornaments, bath oil, the countryside, vases, small churches. We don’t even know what, what in the name of God’s ass is the purpose of potpourri! Looks like breakfast, smells like your aunty. Why do we need that? So please, in this strange and frightening world. Allow us one last place to call our own. This toilet. This blessed pot. This fortress of solitude. You girls, you may go to the bathroom in groups of two or more. We do not pass comment. We do not make judgement. That is your choice. But we men will always walk the toilet mile alone." - dissertação feita por Steve, uma das personagens da série da BBC Coupling, que passou na RTP 2 e na Sic Mulher, agora só disponível em DVD.