quinta-feira, julho 05, 2007

Londres: a experiência

E enquanto por cá andamos em 2ª fila, sugiro a leitura deste artigo de Ken Livingstone, Mayor de Londres, quatro anos depois de ter entrado em vigor a taxa de £5 (actualmente é de £8) para todos os carros que entram no centro da cidade:

(...) The negative side effects predicted by opponents never materialized. The retail sector in the zone has seen increases in sales that have significantly exceeded the national average. London’s theater district, which largely falls within the zone, has been enjoying record audiences. People are still flocking to London — they’re simply doing so in more efficient and less polluting ways.
There has been a marked shift away from cars and into public transport and environmentally friendly modes of travel. There has been a 4 percent modal shift into use of public transport from private cars since 2000. Simultaneously, the number of bicycle journeys on London’s major roads has risen by 83 percent, to almost half a million a day. Cycling has become something of a boom industry in London, with improvement in health for those involved and substantial benefit for the environment.(...)
Debate na televisão: Ken Livingstone responde a Simon Rockman (video de dois minutos.)